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hey kidz,
	So yesterday was the Sloan show in NYC at Brownies.  The first
all-ages show here and the place was packed.  They couldn't get work Visas
so they had to come down without their equipment and borrow it from
people.  Chris told a cute little story how the guy who Jay borrowed the
guitar from would only let him play it on level 2 or 4 so you couldn't
really hear it. The performance they gave was good, and the sound system
was also good this time (not like at CMJ) but the instruments really
sucked. So the show was ok (i've seen better..but hey when to I ever
really get to see Sloan in NYC) but other things were not so good
(which i won't go into.)
	Here's the setlist
	Coax Me
	G turns to D
	Everything You've Done Wrong
	Lines You Amend
	Everyone who's Everyone
	People of the Sky (Chris playing drums with rocker hair)
	400 Meters (again Chris on Drums)
	Nothing Left To Say
	Bells On
	Good In Everyone

	They're playing this Wednesday again at Brownies. Should be fun
but it's a licensed show so I don't think it'll be as packed. 
	On that note: about the whole Party album controversy.  There were
ALOT of huge sloan fans at last night's show. On kid told me that he mail
ordered away for OCTA like 2 and a half months ago and just got it.  Other
kids came all the way from Upstate NY for the show. Whoever said that US
fans don't deserve the special new album don't know the entire story down
here. I'm from Buffalo and spend most of my time in the summer in  Toronto
buying CD's I can't get down here. So I was one of only a few fortunate
American souls to get OCTA when it was released in Canada. It gets bad
though when I go to school in NYC for 9 months out of the year.
There is no Canadian Indie music available down here. I once found a State
Champs 7" here and almost passed out.  Finding ANYTHING Canadian here
(besides Bryan Adams and Alanis) is nearly impossible. And I also drove
for 24 hours to Halifax for the HOM fest with 2 other Americans so don't
say we're not loyal! I'm also blessed with really great friends in Canada
that send me alot of stuff or save things for me when I get to visit
(which is usually not very much during the school year) No I don't agree
that you guys up in Canada don't deserve it 'cuz you do. And I will state
right now that if it is not available to Canada I will personally be the
supplier to any Canadian who wants the Party album. Details will follow
when more info is given about the availibility of the album in Canada. So
why don't we stop fighting about something that can be solved with a
little envelope and stamp. Besides the US and Canada have worse problems:
like how Micheal Jackson's and Madonna's babies will be ruling the
airwaves in 20 years. *eek!*


Sucker Jules, unbeknownst connection for Chris Murphy's free ticket to the 
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