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Re: Special US release...

> 	I can't figure out why everyone is bitching about Sloan releasing
> something for their loyal fans in the states.  Granted, the states have
> shit upon sloan pretty hard, but to be a states fan of sloan, you must be
> extremely devoted.  It is nearly impossible to hear info about them or to
> get ahold of their releases.  I have gone out of my way to see sloan three
> times, all of which required driving for 3 or more hours to the venue.
I'm not sure that this has anything to do with liveing in the states. 
I live in Yarmouth Nova Scotia where I have to drive 3hours and 15 
minutes to go see any show. For example-I spent 10:30am until 9:30 pm 
(11 hours)Saterday hitch hikeing to hfx with a friend to go see Thrush Hermit.
(It was worth it though! awsome show with lots of new songs that 
arn't on the new album and some crazy covers! Got it on tape too!)

> Mailordering their stuff is almost as impossible as it is finding it in
> U.S. stores, I don't know who is running murderecords, but they suck shit!
I guess this is where I have a small advantage. I can pay $24.99 for 
a copy of a three year old thrush hermit cd in my local Zellers, or I 
can spend a weekend hitch hikeing to hfx and getting it direct from 

> And lastly, if sloan is bitter about how the states fucked them over, I
> mean, they were the ones that decided to sign on with Geffen in the first
> place.  I mean, how dumbass is that?  
And who was supose to tell them that they were being dumbasses, The 
other Halifax/maritime bands who already had a major deals? Did 
you even know who they were before DGC? Chances are you never would 
have heard them without DGC.
> The special sloan insert thing is long overdue to the devoted states fans.
I beleave that this is NOT long overdue since we just got a new album 
from the boys a few months ago. Also I see no good in pitting one 
group of fans against the other. I'm not too worried about it though 
cuz I figure if all else fails, I can always -Hitch to Digby, Take 
the Boat to St. John, and Hitch down to Callis Maine or the next 
nearest U.S. retailer that Caries the new party record. Then I'll be 
able to chalk my OCTA collection up to 3!
  Sorry if I sound bitter but my lips are chaped and swolen and my 
face is still wind burned. The price of a good Thrush Hermit Show. 
Can't wait till December so I can Hitch up to see the Christmas 
shows and mabey lose a toe to frost bite!
                    Roger Nelson