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Re[2]: Special US release...

"I can't see the logic in having an extra track on the US OCTA, for all the 
"loyal" american fans. Considering that the percent of Sloan fans that are 
american is about three and that the majority of the records that will 
probely be sold in the states will not be sold to these so called "loyal" 
fans, but rather to people who will be having their first Sloan experince."

Now, now, let's not be bitter.  I've been a fan since 92, and I live in the 
states.  This is teetering on the I'm a Loyal Fan and You're Not 
snobbery...I'm sure that there are lots of Canadians (as well as 
Americans--yes, there are undoubtedly more Canadian fans than American) that 
are "fair-weather fans."  I seem to remember a lot of talk a few months ago 
about those fans clogging up the atmosphere at Sloan concerts...

I'll be pissed along with you if the track isn't released in Canada...that 
would be totally unfair.  It seems logical, though, that they'd also release 
it in their own area.  Maybe it just hasn't been announced yet...you never 

There also Sloan fans on other continents...THEY have the worst end of the 
deal since the odds are slim that they'll ever see the band even perform.