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Re: Special US release...

Shant Pelley <ag344\!/chebucto.ns.ca> had this to say about Re: Special US release...

}i don't think it's so much of a "thank you" ep for the "loyal" US fans as 
}it is an incentive for people to purchase it or *re*purchase it.

Yes, not just for Americans to purchase it.  If half the copies go 
to Ontarian cross-border shoppers, who's to complain.  That much 
closer to gold record status down south.

It sounds to me like a good marketing incentive, and as was learned 
with Geffen, even good albums need good marketing.  "Best Canadian 
Album Ever", and it didn't even go gold here?  I hope Enclave 
knows the market well enough to know how to target the sales.  If 
the videos do reach the Tragically Hip/beer swilling collegiate 
market segment, then the bonus trax will be even more reason for 
them to buy it.

Geez, should I be taking a Commerce degree?