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Re: Special US release...

> This whole "Hardcorelogo" thing is funny, apparently Waye Mason has an 
> article in the Coast looking for old HCL "vinyl".. Waye, wake up.. hello.
> Fictional band. -1pt indie cred ;P.. hahaha.

While my lawyers are looking into suing Bruce MacDonald, his promotions 
company, and the Coast and its editors, all I am authorised to say at 
this time is this:  "The whole thing was a joke, ads looking for HCL 
vinyl ran in many papers and magazines with real peoples names attached.  
I was not consulted.  It is an example of the not so sense of humour of 
the Coast."


I'm not really going to sue anyone, you bozos.

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                        :  the morality of parking on a crosswalk." 
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