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Re: Special US release...

> the reasoning.  They want to thank their fans who have stayed loyal in the
> US?  I don't know.  We've all been loyal Sloan fans here in Canada for a
> long time...some of us since Peppermint.  We were the ones who kept going to

Well, from what I have been told, the extra album was included to try to 
get the americans who live on the border towns (who probably already got 
OCTA) to buy it again. You aren't going to die if you don't hear it, 
anyhow, it's not like you can't buy it again if you really want it.

> death or dismemberment (I'm reminded of death threats to the Superfriendz'
> bass thief).  We love those boys...I just hope they remember that.

I was informed that the bass thief was captured, and Chuck go this bass 
back so you kids aren't going to have to hurt anyone. Just yet. Anyone 
see the video for "Blue Tatoo" last night on M.E.? Nice quality video. 
This whole "Hardcorelogo" thing is funny, apparently Waye Mason has an 
article in the Coast looking for old HCL "vinyl".. Waye, wake up.. hello.
Fictional band. -1pt indie cred ;P.. hahaha.