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Bless Mes/Kissmas

A few years back around christmas time there were a few shows around 
Halifax. One has Seb(Hardship Post), Chris (sloan) and a Jale girl 
amoung others berforming as the blessmes. Also, The night before there 
was a show called "Kissmas" which featured Thrush Hermit playing a 
Kiss set and Hardship Post played a few Kiss tunes. I'm looking 
desperately for tapes of either of these shows. I've lots to trade if 
anyone has these. I'd really apreciate any help in locateing copys of 
these shows, If copys even exist! Please respond even if all you have 
is a memmorie of the show. I'm really curious.
   P.S. This is not a Hoax like when someone said that Sloan played a 
Beatles set, It really happened.
  P.P.S. I'm still looking for anyone who has a VHS  copy of the 
Sloan/Thrush Hermit Street Cents Show.
                    Roger Nelson