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Re: US / stuff


>>I'd have to say that i have noticed this but felt it WAS too stupid to post
>>on SloanNet. :P I'm sure the band would feel a kind of pride however
>>knowing that they are at least on 'cool' toilets (the ones ive seen have
>>those motion sensor flushers)
>In all my years of diligent bathroom use I have never once encountered a
>urinal with a motion sensor on it.  How such a device would operate is
>frankly beyond me, and I'm not even sure I want to know. What particular
>motion is it 'sensing', if any? I assume this device is generally taken to be
>a good thing, since they're only on 'cool toilets', but I'm not sure that I
>would be able to trust it.  I would now like to take the time to apologize
>for this entire paragraph.  I simply couldn't resist.

I had to venture into the new casino here to get a glimps of them. Actually
its a pretty ingenious idea! What happens is: You approach the urinal, the
motion sensor switches on, you do your business, notice the 'sloan' logo on
it and say 'cool', realize that there are no flushers on the tank and walk
away, the motion sensor flicks off and triggers the flush sequence for that
one stall.

High tech for a can you say? If you'd like to subscribe to the sloan toilet
fixtures newsgroup its Flush\!/aol.com. All it is, is people sitting around
marveling at their motion sensor toilets. You get quite bored with it after
a few weeks tho. Actually, i thought that was what this place was by
accident but decided to stay on here anyway :P

ps: Anyone catch the Local Rabbits at Amigos in Saskatoon on the 15th or
whenever it was?

ps2: Oh, and if anyone's interested or will be in the area, Trebel Charger
will be playing at Louie's at the U of Sas campus on Thursday the 21st. Im
sad to say that i wont be there.


"But you were feeding on blue-green algae,
 And Manitoba watered hens!" - Superfriendz