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Re: Special US release...

I would have to agree with this. I can't see the logic in having an extra
track on the US OCTA, for all the "loyal" american fans. Considering that
the percent of Sloan fans that are american is about three and that the
majority of the records that will probely be sold in the states will not be
sold to these so called "loyal" fans, but rather to people who will be
having their first Sloan experince. Unfortunatly for the rest of the Sloan
fans, (97%), they will have to purchase the american release in order to get
the extra track, being "loyal" fans. I am sorry to say this, but this sounds
a little suspicious, but I am not going to speculate on this issue. All I
know is that, by putting "The Party Song" on the US OCTA, is unfair to the
huge majority of "loyal" Sloan fans and the reasoning that has been brought
up, is not a bona fide one. Thanks.


At 12:31 AM 11/18/96 -0500, Brian M. wrote:
>Hey there,
>        I don't know what to think about all this "special release stuff".
>Yes, I will most surely go out and try to scam myself a copy of the US
>release of OCTA because of it's neato extras, but I'm kind of bothered by
>the reasoning.  They want to thank their fans who have stayed loyal in the
>US?  I don't know.  We've all been loyal Sloan fans here in Canada for a
>long time...some of us since Peppermint.  We were the ones who kept going to
>shows when no one else did.  We bought up a kajillion copies of Smeared,
>Twice Removed, and especially OCTA.  It went Gold in Canada!