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Special US release...

Hey there,
        I don't know what to think about all this "special release stuff".
Yes, I will most surely go out and try to scam myself a copy of the US
release of OCTA because of it's neato extras, but I'm kind of bothered by
the reasoning.  They want to thank their fans who have stayed loyal in the
US?  I don't know.  We've all been loyal Sloan fans here in Canada for a
long time...some of us since Peppermint.  We were the ones who kept going to
shows when no one else did.  We bought up a kajillion copies of Smeared,
Twice Removed, and especially OCTA.  It went Gold in Canada!  We're proud of
our Canadian bacon and we love them and threaten anyone who knocks them with
death or dismemberment (I'm reminded of death threats to the Superfriendz'
bass thief).  We love those boys...I just hope they remember that.
        Maybe I'm jumping the gun and there will be a special Canadian
release of those songs.  I hope so.  Sloan, we've treated you well and we
love you.  Don't punish us for being with you for the long haul.


"songs are all about you, but I'm telling everyone I'm doing fine without you"