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Re: sloan and other stateside releases of pure molten metal

At 01:29 AM 11/17/96 -0400, James Covey wrote:

>STATESIDE RELEASES...  i hear that the augumented _o.c.t.a._,
>as well the thrush hermit debut l.p. on elektra, as well as the
>new pavement l.p., will *all* be released in the usa on feb 11.
>start saving those pennies.

ICE has OCTA listed as January 28 in the issue that just came this week.

And here is the press release that came with the Thrush Hermit - not bad by
the way, the tape that is, not the press release, which is pretty typical.
I'll taek the heat fro any typos, but not incorrect words or punctuation.

                        =Warning This Is A Rock Band=

                                        Thrush Hermit

Who:    Ian McGettigan - Bass/Vocals
             Rob Benvie - Vocals/Guitar
             Joel Plaskett - Vocals/Guitar
             Cliff Gibb - drums

What:   "Sweey Homewrecker" their Elektra debut

When:   February 11,1997

Why:    Because They Can

Producers:      Thrush Hermit & Doug Easley
                        (Dougies' credits include: Guided By Voices,
Pavement, SonicYouth)
Checkout:       North Dakota, At My Expense, Skip The Life

What you probably don't know about Thrush Hermit:

Not exactly new to this stuff, Thrush Hermit have been recording and touring
since 1991, and while that in and of itself may not be remarkable, it IS
when you take into account that the bands average age is 21!  They hail from
Halifax, the home of my favorite fish, the Nova.  They have toured with
fellow Canadians, Sloan and jale, as well as Guided By Voices, Urge Overkill
and others.  Thrush Hermit site their main influences as: Mr. T, Led
Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, Magnum PI and Stock Car racing (until Ian
totalled the car the band bought together).  They love to tour, make
records, play computer games, tell funny stories about Steve Albini and of
course drink beer. Thrush Hermit will definitely be touring upon release of
their album in February.

My favorite quote is from Rob-- "I'd rather be called 'pure molten metal'
than chocolate covered smudge popsters or some crap like that."  Decide for
yourself, the let me know what you come up with!


John F Butland   O-