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Re: sloan and other stateside releases...

Hmmm so Sloan will add in an extra little CD with the American release of
OCtA.  SO will this be a full length CD or will it be an EP?  And what
about all of us that ordered(from Murderecords) or bought OCtA?  Now do
we have to go out and buy a CD(that here in Austin will cost me at least
$13.99 maybe even $15.99).  I hope that it is full length then I will
have no regrets spending mad cash on Sloan.  But what will I do with two
copies of OCtA?  It comes to my mail box in about two weeks(hopefully). 
Even if the extra CD is just an EP, I guess that I will go out and still
buy it.  I just can't get enough of the band.  Then I'll have two copies,
so I guess if one gets a flat I'll have a spare.  

"This is such a filthy guitar solo..."  Noise Addict-Filthy

On Sun, 17 Nov 1996 01:29:56 -0400 James Covey <jrcovey\!/cochran.com>
>THE GOLDEN BOYS (from the nov 14/96 issue of _the coast)...
>Congratulations to Sloan on the occasion of their second Gold
>album in Canada (50,000 units sold) for One Chord to Another.
>While busy mixing a new album, the band took a brief break on
>November 7 to celebrate this milestone (as well as their second
>American signing and band member Chris Murphy's birthday) with
>family and friends at Cafe Mokka. But in their typical
>mixing-business-and-pleasure fashion, Sloan had mics set up at
>Mokka to capture ambient party noises to be used as backing
>tracks for their new project -- appropriately titled The Party
>Album. Recorded over the past couple of weeks at Halifax's Idea
>of East studio, the record is modeled aher the similarly titled,
>pre-Pet Sounds Beach Boys release (the one that gave us "Barbara
>Ann"). Featuring appearances by such local rock pals as jale,
>The Euphonic and Thrush Hermit in an often raucous setting, the
>CD is a bonus release for their new US label Enclave, to be
>included in the American issue of One Chord to Another, as a
>token of appreciation for their Yankee fans who've remained
>loyal throughout the debacle that was the Geffen deai. But how
>will we get to hear it? (steve o'grady)
>STATESIDE RELEASES...  i hear that the augumented _o.c.t.a._,
>as well the thrush hermit debut l.p. on elektra, as well as the
>new pavement l.p., will *all* be released in the usa on feb 11.
>start saving those pennies.
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