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Re: US / stuff

Extra CD thingy for the US version of OCtA??  What are you talking about.
 Extra tracks? Will the CD thingy be like that mini CD that was included
in the first pressing of NIN's "Broken".  OR is it maybe some sort of EP
with thecno remixes of Sloans most popular songs?  Hmmm  "Before I Do
(the best one yet FunkDub)" that sound interesting.  Well my mind
wondered here for a while.  But really, Extra CD thingy??     I would
like to know what the thingy is!!

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On Sun, 17 Nov 1996 00:30:23 -0500 Adamweezer\!/aol.com writes:
>(A) Has that US OCTA extra CD thingy been confirmed? Is there a 
>release date?