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US / stuff

Hello all,
Well, i went to pick up my mail last week, and my monitor wouldn't turn on. 
I then followed the extremely high tech repair method of flicking the power
switch on and off approximately 20 billion times, and hitting it (with closed
fist) exactly twice.
despite this seemingly ingenious course of action, the monitor remained
adamant in it's decision to remain unused.  I therefore have been off the
list for awhile.

My mailbox was jam packed. 

Not surprisingly, I didn't miss much.

The only things I have to talk about are:

(A) Has that US OCTA extra CD thingy been confirmed? Is there a release date?

(B) That ET_ETC list is actually being used now, so if you unsubbed because
*noone* used it for like, two years (like I planned on doing, but I
immediately forgot that I had subscribed), it's actually being used now.  

>I'd have to say that i have noticed this but felt it WAS too stupid to post
>on SloanNet. :P I'm sure the band would feel a kind of pride however
>knowing that they are at least on 'cool' toilets (the ones ive seen have
>those motion sensor flushers)

In all my years of diligent bathroom use I have never once encountered a
urinal with a motion sensor on it.  How such a device would operate is
frankly beyond me, and I'm not even sure I want to know. What particular
motion is it 'sensing', if any? I assume this device is generally taken to be
a good thing, since they're only on 'cool toilets', but I'm not sure that I
would be able to trust it.  I would now like to take the time to apologize
for this entire paragraph.  I simply couldn't resist.  

whoever was looking for me, I'm back.

I know it's trivial and completely irrelevant, but the correct CBC frequency
in detroit is 88.9