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sloan and other stateside releases...

THE GOLDEN BOYS (from the nov 14/96 issue of _the coast)...
Congratulations to Sloan on the occasion of their second Gold
album in Canada (50,000 units sold) for One Chord to Another.
While busy mixing a new album, the band took a brief break on
November 7 to celebrate this milestone (as well as their second
American signing and band member Chris Murphy's birthday) with
family and friends at Cafe Mokka. But in their typical
mixing-business-and-pleasure fashion, Sloan had mics set up at
Mokka to capture ambient party noises to be used as backing
tracks for their new project -- appropriately titled The Party
Album. Recorded over the past couple of weeks at Halifax's Idea
of East studio, the record is modeled aher the similarly titled,
pre-Pet Sounds Beach Boys release (the one that gave us "Barbara
Ann"). Featuring appearances by such local rock pals as jale,
The Euphonic and Thrush Hermit in an often raucous setting, the
CD is a bonus release for their new US label Enclave, to be
included in the American issue of One Chord to Another, as a
token of appreciation for their Yankee fans who've remained
loyal throughout the debacle that was the Geffen deai. But how
will we get to hear it? (steve o'grady)

STATESIDE RELEASES...  i hear that the augumented _o.c.t.a._,
as well the thrush hermit debut l.p. on elektra, as well as the
new pavement l.p., will *all* be released in the usa on feb 11.
start saving those pennies.


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