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Canadian content laws

>>anywhere.  I once heard "Underwhelmed" on a radio station in
>Only once?! Yikes, in my gleeful ignorance thought it was hit
>everywhere! Of course, the only alt-rock radio station in the
>area at the time ("the area" being Detroit) was in Windsor...
>I've since learned that 89X airplay does not equal US hit, but
>I guess I hadn't thought that far back.

This is one very good reason that I am glad to live in the Detroit area (though
every winter I begin to question my sanity.)  89X is required to play a certain
amount of Canadian music due to content laws.  I'm not sure what the percentage
is but there is a major difference between 89X and 96.3 (the other so-called
"alternative" station, which joined the club about 4 or 5 years after 89X.)
There are many bands that I've heard on 89X that I've NEVER heard on 96.3 --
Sloan, the Super Friendz, Thrush Hermit, the Inbreds, Pluto, Limblifter, Treble
Charger, etc.  96.3 hardly ever plays any Canadian music, although they do seem
to be quite enamored with the Barenaked Ladies.