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Sloan toilets and Canadian alchohol vendors

Kevin Scofield wrote:

>2.  I know many guys have noticed that many urinals have the word "Sloan"
>written on them.  "Sloan" is obviously the company that makes them.  Has
>anyone noticed that many urinals say "Sloan" and have "LC" written as well?
>That's quite the coincedence with the lyrics from "Underwhelmed", no?
>I hope this info wasn't too stupid.
>Take Care,
>Kevin Scofield

I'd have to say that i have noticed this but felt it WAS too stupid to post
on SloanNet. :P I'm sure the band would feel a kind of pride however
knowing that they are at least on 'cool' toilets (the ones ive seen have
those motion sensor flushers)

ps: how many people will unsubscribe 'cause of this thread?

Allan wrote this today:

>BTW, is this true through all of Canada, or does each province have its own
>version of LC? I recall in Ontario that you have to go a particular store
>to buy alcohol, but my friends there always referred to it as the "Beer
>Store", and I could swear I saw stores with signs on top of them that just
>said "Beer Store".

There are places called "Off Sale's" (or "Beer Store" for those already
drunk). These places do not sell hard liquor as far as i know - just beer,
coolers and sometimes wine. These places are usually opened longer than the


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