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Re: Special US release...

	I can't figure out why everyone is bitching about Sloan releasing
something for their loyal fans in the states.  Granted, the states have
shit upon sloan pretty hard, but to be a states fan of sloan, you must be
extremely devoted.  It is nearly impossible to hear info about them or to
get ahold of their releases.  I have gone out of my way to see sloan three
times, all of which required driving for 3 or more hours to the venue.
Mailordering their stuff is almost as impossible as it is finding it in
U.S. stores, I don't know who is running murderecords, but they suck shit!
Several of my friends in Jersey have tried to get ahold of OCTA and the
new superfriendz stuff and murder didn't even bother to acknowledge
receiving the order after we sent multiple orders and made phone calls to

And lastly, if sloan is bitter about how the states fucked them over, I
mean, they were the ones that decided to sign on with Geffen in the first
place.  I mean, how dumbass is that?  

The special sloan insert thing is long overdue to the devoted states fans.