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Plumtree micro-tour

The band will be making a quick jaunt through central Canada in the upcoming
weeks. Here's a tentative schedule, straight from the horse's mouth:
        Wednesday, Nov. 20 -- Acadia University -- bar show
        Thursday, Nov. 21 -- Quebec City -- TBA
        Friday, Nov. 22 -- Ottawa -- The Upstairs Club -- wet/dry
        Saturday, Nov. 23 -- Kitchener -- The Karova Cafe -- all-ages
                          -- London --  TBA
        Sunday, Nov. 24 -- Montreal -- Comic Book Convention -- all-ages
If they have any with them at their merch table, make sure you pick up the
You're a Super Lady comp/fanzine. It's got a 7" with Loomer, Thanatopop,
Plumtree, and Mystery Machine, and the fanzine is one of the best I've seen
in a while - _very_ slick. I think they ran out when they were here, but you
should check anyway. The new split 7" with the Inbreds is good, too. It's
"North Window" from the new Inbreds album, and "Scott Pilgrim", a relatively
new Plumtree song. Definitely worth the money.
                                                      - Se\!/n

P.S. - has anyone heard the new Random Dolmens CD? I didn't like them at all
when I heard them a year ago in PEI...
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