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jaymz bee!(not ec, but so damn funny!)

Hi Kids,

Don't know how into "Definitely Not The Opera" you are (CBC Radio, 
Saturday), but that excellent, swanky guy Jaymz Bee will be featured. He's
ultra cool and I thought someone else might find this exciting. 
Here's what DNTO has to say:


Lounge Lizard and all-around swell guy Jaymz Bee swings by dnto to bring
us a blast of lounge culture.

He is KING LOUNGE MAN! Check it out. *AND* The Cardigans will be on
RealTime. Life is good. Even pick up some delightful martini recipes.

Sorry for irrelevance. 


ps Sloan Linament ads were HUGE at the turn of the century in rural
newspapers. Many, many different ads to choose from.