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Re: ETH Parts 1-3

>2.  I know many guys have noticed that many urinals have the word "Sloan"
>written on them.  "Sloan" is obviously the company that makes them.  Has
>anyone noticed that many urinals say "Sloan" and have "LC" written as well?
>That's quite the coincedence with the lyrics from "Underwhelmed", no?

I picked this up too, and mentioned on the list way back when (have I
really been on this list close to a year now???). Alas, LC has nothing to
do with the toilets, at least not in "Underwhelmed" (though I suppose you
_could_ loosen up on your way there). I was quickly informed that LC stands
for Liquor Comission, which is the (only, by law) place you go to buy
alcoholic beverages in Nova Scotia.

BTW, is this true through all of Canada, or does each province have its own
version of LC? I recall in Ontario that you have to go a particular store
to buy alcohol, but my friends there always referred to it as the "Beer
Store", and I could swear I saw stores with signs on top of them that just
said "Beer Store".

And if some kind plumber knows if the "LC" on the urinals stands for
anything in particular (because some say Sloan without the LC)... that's
assuming there even _is_ a plumber on the list...