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Re: Zumpano

I still haven't checked out Zumpano, someday I will though.  I plan on
buying all the records that I can from Murderecords just so I can have a
bigger than hip CD collection and bunches of 7"s that not many people
have.  But I am glad to hear  when any Canadian band get's radio air play
anywhere.  I once heard "Underwhelmed" on a radio station in Chicago.  I
don't remember which one though.  I am so sad to hear that Chixdiggit got
slagged.  Here in Texas their last concert(the one before the one I
posted about) review got 3 1/2 stars(out of a possible four).  The
reviewer did say that their lyrics where a little juvenile(in regards to
I Wanna Hump You).  But the beauty of the show was their connection with
the crowd.  Maybe the reviewer in Atlanta was having a bad day.  Or is
still mad at all the loyalists moving to Canada.

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On Wed, 13 Nov 1996 12:14:21 -0500 gt6627a\!/prism.gatech.edu (alan)
>>I went to Gord's Place in St.Catherines on Sunday, not knowing (or 
>>who the hell Zumpano are, turns out though, they kicked ass =)
>They've been getting a lot of airplay on 88.5 in Atlanta, if anyone 
>cares. :-)
>It's a college radio station (Georgia State?), so I don't know how 
>people are listening... I was pleasantly surprised -- I didn't much 
>for their first record, but these songs aren't bad.
>Creative Loafing, the local "alternative newspaper" also thought 
>was worth a writeup when they were here last month, so maybe Canadian 
>has a chance in the deep south.  On the other hand, they totally 
>Chixdiggit, but with a name like that I'm sure they get slagged -- or 
>least very critically reviewed -- everywhere they go...