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just another one of those notices...

hallo :) 

to some of yous' delight, and most others' dismay, _in the meantime..._ 
#6 is ready to come out your way.  

This issue features interviews with the Smugglers, Orange Glass, and 
Grace Babies.  Also included are: a silly little Halifax trip diary, Sloan 
concert reviews, music and zine reviews, and more.  Only $2(ppd)/trade!

Back issues are still available, featuring interviews with Sloan, 
Chickpea, the Inbreds, Plumtree, Local Rabbits, Al Tuck, Eric's Trip, and 
the Waltons.  rah rah sis boom baa...

so send requests/inquests/buckets/chicklets (money is good too) to:
	in the meantime...
	c/o carol nishitoba
	477 Slater St.
	Ottawa, ON
	K1R 5C2  Canada

feel free to contact me for more info! :)

			...sizzle teen

p.s.  there's a really nice pic of sloan on the cover of #6...
p.p.s.  Rebecca Cratz (Kratz? Crats? Krats?) (also known as "Edith Buck") 
was on Nightlines this past Friday, with her "hour of power".  sweet 
country tunes :)

carol nishitoba  :)               !  the world will be ruled by groups that
ccnishit\!/cousteau.uwaterloo.ca    !       use ba-ba's in their songs...