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Re: Zumpano

>I went to Gord's Place in St.Catherines on Sunday, not knowing (or caring)
>who the hell Zumpano are, turns out though, they kicked ass =)

They've been getting a lot of airplay on 88.5 in Atlanta, if anyone cares. :-)
It's a college radio station (Georgia State?), so I don't know how many
people are listening... I was pleasantly surprised -- I didn't much care
for their first record, but these songs aren't bad.

Creative Loafing, the local "alternative newspaper" also thought Chixdiggit
was worth a writeup when they were here last month, so maybe Canadian music
has a chance in the deep south.  On the other hand, they totally slagged
Chixdiggit, but with a name like that I'm sure they get slagged -- or at
least very critically reviewed -- everywhere they go...