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ETH Parts 1-3

Hey Everyone,

I have two things I'd like to comment on:

1.  Has anyone noticed the screwups on the Elevator To Hell Parts 1-3
releases?  On the cd version, the back cover is obviously copied from the
first ETH 12" release.  However, the same credits are given, ie.  tara
plays and sings on such and such songs, chris drums on songs 6 and 11.
Isn't this information now incorrect since "Mr. Sun" is missing from the
cd.  The song numbers are now all out of wack with the credits.
    Also, the 12" version of Parts 1-3 is weird.  The 12" only has Part 3,
which is labeled on the back cover.  But both the spine and the label on
the actual vinyl say Parts 1-3.  It should only say Part 3, shouldn't it?

2.  I know many guys have noticed that many urinals have the word "Sloan"
written on them.  "Sloan" is obviously the company that makes them.  Has
anyone noticed that many urinals say "Sloan" and have "LC" written as well?
That's quite the coincedence with the lyrics from "Underwhelmed", no?

I hope this info wasn't too stupid.

Take Care,
Kevin Scofield