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hi everyone :)

i know this is a little delayed, but i'd just like to say a few things 
about the sfz/Zumpano show in Ottawa on Saturday night...

Zumpano were awesome :) :) :)

sfz were awesomer :) :) :) :)  as usual, the set began with "Green 
Hands", and the boys were rockin' the night away.  i knew that Matt and 
Drew really get into the groove with their rock moves (even Lonnie at the 
drums and his stick holding/raising/waving/whateva), but i was surprised 
to see Charles doing a couple of kicks of his own!  way to go, skunk! :)  
Drew broke a string (again) and while re-stringing his guitar, the rest 
of them played a country song.  i resisted the urge to yell "heeey li'l 
orton!" ;)  Matt played that beautiful ballad again, and i came close to 
crying this time.  it is sooo sad, and it'll drive the ladies wild ;)  
oh, and there were no acrobatics this time, since sfz were using 
Zumpano's drumkit.

But the biggest highlight was when they came back for the encore.  AFter 
playing "Come Clean", they played the Reckless Eric cover, and it was 
extremely awesome and slightly hilarious.  The stage at the Cave is about 
2.5 feet (75 cm) off the floor, and the speakers set infront of it were 
about the same height.  So, while Drew was singing and struttin' his 
stuff like Mick Jagger (i kid you not), he decided to stand atop one of 
the speakers, right infront of the (drunk) moshing (jock) crowd.  They also 
invited Carl from Zumpano to sing with them, then eventually Jason 
Zumpano took over the skins from Lonnie, and towards the end, Michael 
from Zumpano played Drew's guitar.  It was an all-star jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
They had the crowd singing the chorus with them, even hand-clapping along 
at one point.  Unfortunately, they tried to do a fade-out, but everytime 
they tried, the aforementioned moshers would sing, so they just stopped 
after a while.  Anyway, this was an excellent sight to behold :) :) :)

oh, and beware the CASBYs.. when i tried to vote last year, they wouldn't 
let me because my last name was "invalid" (it's not my fault i have a 
foul 4-letter word in my surname...) :P

				...sizzle teen

carol nishitoba  :)