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SFZ are the Super Seasoned Rockers!!!!

Whoo hoo!!!

wowee zowee and all that too!

i saw the Super Friendz at Gord's Place in St. Catherines tonight.
What a ball i had.
It was their last show on tour with Zumpano, but they have one more to do
someplace that starts with an 'L', i can't remember.
Matt Murphy showed the effects of a long road trip a la Johnny Starr with
his long locks.  he also stated his voice was gone.  

the superfriendz played a super set, setting a rather full house on fire,
though no one was moving but i.  must be gettin' your legs cramped up
sitting the whole time:)  the set was not stop action. and the thing i like
about the sfz, is that every time they play a song, it'll be different.
like for example Charles' songs.  he sings them at a bit of a different pace
everytime, or will repeat a line to delete another, or just leave out the
line.  and the guitar improv on some of the intros, esp. Landing light.
matt desperately tried to get the crowd going and got them to clap and do
the "i..i....i"(?) part of "sorry". but they wouldn't budge compared to the
HoM crowd.  they did an encore, Drew singing a Wreckless Eric song, called
'the whole world' i think.  He was really into taking the mike solo. they
played all of PTGNG too. yay boots!!!!!

well i had a 'totally great' time there, don't delay next time they play
your backyard!


p.s. Congratulations Patrick Wilkins on a good job.
"Quote the Raven nevermore" -Raven