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Record Shop in Bedford, Rome Plows & Hercules, US OCTA Release.

> Somebody mentioned a while back about a decent record store in Bedford, or
> somewhere like that outside the former Halifax proper, which had a pretty
> good selection of used and Indie stuff. 
> Also, if anyone would email as to what gigs are taking place on Nov 21-24 in

Well, I think I know what record store you are talking about, but I don't 
think it does too much in the way of indie stuff, just records.. 
apparently you'll find alot of these in Sixtoos crates. I guess if you 
are looking for some more funk in your life, you will find it there. 
Maybe someone else could shed a little more light on the topic.

-* A show that weekend is on Sat, Nov. 23rd. 
-* Scotland Yard, Truro.. just a short jaunt from metro. 
-* Playing are the ROME PLOWS and HERCULES. 
-* Cost will most likely be under $5.00
-* If anyone is interested in this excursion it should 
-* be a worthwhile trip.. Rome Plows just knock my 
-* socks off, and we've been practicing too. 

Also, I was perusing the pages of the Sunday Daily News
and they were saying that the US OCTA release will come
with an additional "Party Record" recorded at the Mokka
Cafe. So now you will all have to buy it _again_. Suckers.