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One of the few nights that rocks

Ok well here goes.  I know that this really is an EC list but what the
hey, I just love Canada( I miss Vancouver so) and all that sprouts from
it.  Alright well the wonderful lads from Chixdiggit rocked Emo's tonight
at around 12:30am till a little shy of 2am.  There set was started with
some of there delightful on stage antics, and then they rushed  into 323.
In no particular order they also played Great Legs, I Drove to
Coquilhalla, Where's Your Mom, Henry Rollins is no fun, I Shoulda Played
High School Football, Shadowy Bangers from a Shadowy Duplex, Stacked Like
That, Song For R, I Wanna Hump You, Van Horne, Toilet Seat's Coming
Down,one I have never heard called Julie Anne, two other I have never
heard but forgot the names, and the crowd teaser Hemp Hemp Hooray.  As
usual the boyz where in full mack daddy effect with there "Let's get the
audience dancin'" mood!!!  Two funny chaps spryed the band with beer(and
they didn't mind).  SOme dumbass did toss some crumpled up pices of paper
at the stage(maybe they were love letters, but still I aint down with
that, at the Beck show someone hit Beck with a penny).  In the middle of
the set Mike ran off the stage to use the little senor's bathroom, which
was cool cuz KJ got to be himself.  A fellow named Mikey(who was in a
very inebriated state) lent KJ his hat.  KJ promptly donned the hat with
a ciggy in his mouth.  He then became the anti-thesis of the blues
flavour.  Mikey was then invited on state to "shake"(some sort of mild
form of the 50's fave the Twist).  Mikey sat on stage for a while, kept
asking KJ to "rock him", then bolted up like his Amodium AD had just lost
it's potency and tried to stage dive.  People tried to catch him(which
broke his fall, kinda).  But poor drunk assed Mikey still hit the floor
face first.  KJ felt so bad about it that he gave him a T-Shirt.  And
that just proves that Canuck bands just know how  to be mates.  The band
Model Rockets(Chixdiggit have been on tour with them for 2 weeks) where
the second band on the bill out of three.  They were lack luster. Their
bass player rides his bass ultra low like Mr, Novosolic(sp?) of Nirvana
fame.  There style is like fast Rockabilly.  They are from Seattle and I
think there also on SupPop but don't quote me on that one. But they were
enjoyable.  One of Austins lame assed local bands started the whole gig. 
There name is Soul Bender.  I really hated them.  There singer is like 45
years old trying to be "grunge".  So once again Chixdiggit rocked Emos
like no band can.  There were a lot more people at this show than the
last time they flew through.  This show had at least 150 people(maybe
even more).  And the last show(in May) there were only around 60 people. 
Well once again my seven hard earned dollars went to a good cause.  Oh
and 10bucks for a shirt.  Ok well until another great Canada band comes
to town I won't fill you in on any more show's.  Unless the really are
good.  But the likely hood of that accruing in Austin is slim.

Straight outta the bowel's of TexAss.  SonofScetchie lives in his
delicate universe.
Only to be bothered by Hockey, guitar's, the few women that he knows, and
his odd
obsession with pudding.