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Re: subpop

At 02:47 PM 11/8/96 -0700, you wrote:
here ya go...
Sub Pop Contacts 
We've set up the following e-mail addresses for the various operations
centers within our vast command complex. To
reach a deptartment, mail dept\!/subpop.com. 

     Within the main body of your message, type: get email filename and you
will be e-mailed your file automatically.
     Files available : 
     Any problems, mail server\!/subpop.com. 
     To place an order for CDs or other merchandise. Please review all
ordering information carefully. 
     This is our demented listserv, serving our demented followers with a
very demented semi-moderated mail chain
     from you to others. To subscribe yourself, mail loser\!/subpop.com and
within the main body type: subscribe
     SUBPOP-L name. You will then be sent a confirmation letter stating that
we own your soul, and whatever... To
     post to the Sub Pop list you must be a subscriber! If you are already
subscribed, mail subpop-l\!/subpop.com
     and type what you feel like. Remember, this list is not only read by
us, but by all subscribers. 
     Within the main body of your message, type: get email info.txt and we
will mail you a current list of our e-mail
     addresses and other Sub Pop internet service info. 
     To receive a current list of our artists' tour schedules. 
     If you work at a radio station and want to contact one of our
promotions people. 
     To contact our publicity department. 
     To share your crackpot schemes and technical comments with the Sub Pop
Advanced Media Group, our loosely
     affiliated mad science think tank. 
     Just to say hello. 
     To reach one of our favorite labels, Flydaddy Records, distributed by
Sub Pop. 
     To reach the wonderfull folks at UP records. Home of Built to Spill,
Juned, and Violent Green (among others). 
>Does anyone know a email address to subpop? I didn't know where to find out.
>Sorry if this pisses people off.
\!/      dann frazier          \!/
\!/      dannf\!/nmt.edu         \!/
\!/ http://www.nmt.edu/~dannf/ \!/