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So who's the back ground vocals?

I just got the Elevator to Hell Cd about two weeks ago.  My first comment
is that I am glad that Rick White produced a different sound from the one
he was doing with Eric's Trip.  You can hear EtH in Eric's Trip and
vice-versa,  but that's because of Mr. White's flavour.  What I really
like about Parts 1-3 is that they give me the feeling of being on some
sort of evil demented carnival ride.  A cross between the Zipper on acid,
and Riding the Merry-Go-Round smoking a joint(but that's pretty
ambiguous, a joint could be anything).  So I like it a lot.  But really
my question is....In "why I didn't like August 93" is that Chris
Murphy(of Sloan fame) on the back ground vocals?  It also sounds like
he's on one other song, but I can't remember which one.  Sorry if this
has been brought up in the past before, I am just wondering :-)

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