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Re: New Eric's Trip 7" vs. Astrogate

Hopefully there won't be any more confusion and condescention(sic?).

So this doesn't become an endless question, i talked to rick yesterday. 
he said that he, and the other members of eric's trip, have been asked
to do the 7" as a compilation of the 4 bands (ETH, Broken Girl,
Moonsocket, and Purple Knight.)  If it happens, which is only somewhat
likely, rick julie chris and mark will NOT be playing together on the
songs.  the bands are too busy doing their own things.  i'm sorry if
that is not what you heard, but that is the truth.  not to mention the
fact that the members hardly even see each other anymore as most live in
different places.  

i meant no confusion, only clarity, and if i appeared condescending, i
was only correcting.  catch all you wicked folks later.