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New Eric's Trip 7" vs. Astrogate

Hey Sloan Netters and Astrogate,

There seems to be a bit of confusion with the rumours on this new Eric's
Trip 7".  I'm sure that all of us are well aware, and have been for a very
long time, that Eric's Trip are history.  There's no confusion there, thank
you very much.  Astrogate says:

>There will not be a new Eric's Trip 7".  The band is completely broken up
>and pursuing there own projects.  The individual members of Eric's Trip
>were asked to do a compilation 7" featuring one song from each of the
>members bands; Elevator to Hell, Purple Knight, Broken Girl, and
>Moonsocket.  No reunion.

Astroboy said that he heard this information from "the horses mouth."  This
is what I heard, from "the horses mouth" as well:

Somebody wants to put out a 7" featuring songs from the four bands which
have blossomed from Eric's Trip.  All four members of Eric's Trip will
perform the four songs together.  The 7" will be released under the name
Eric's Trip.  This is a project that was considered before Eric's Trip
broke up.

I don't know what the truth is.  It's all rumours anyways.  It could be
released either way; either under each of the four bands' names or under
the name Eric's Trip.  Perhaps the four members of Eric's Trip won't
perform the songs, just like the Stereo Mountain "Julie and the
porthole..." 7".  Who knows?  I'm just saying that what I've stated before
and above is what I heard, and that Rick is aware of the idea but hasn't
decided anything.

Hopefully there won't be any more confusion and condescention(sic?).

Kevin Scofield
Victoria Sappy Guy