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Re:LONG!!! Euphonic, Rome Plows, Hercules?


> Can someone please give me some info on these bands. i.e. discography, how
> to get their music?, how long have they been together?, members names, etc. 
> Thanks. 
> Eric
    well, Eric, I happen to be in the know about Band C of your 
query.  Let me tell you about the band they call HERCULES (picture 
majestic music in the background... trumpets trumpeting, tubas 
tubaing, gongs gonging...)...   
            *screen blurrrrs...*

HERCULES takes the stage.

Enter, stage left: Brendan Ryan is nice, but his loin-cloth -- just a 
little too revealing.  It doesn't seem to bother him, though, as he 
assumes his position behind the skins... nay, not the skins of his 
loin-cloth, but the metaphorical "skins," the hipsters call them 
"drums."  He is in fine form, tossing his sticks hight into the 
air... that's when we notice --- Brendan has the hind quarters of, of 
a, a goat... or a horse.  Bizarre.  It isn't a loin-cloth, it's 
actual... fur.  Brendan is a cenotaur.  Newton is his stage name.
    Jim Cooper is nice.  But that has nothing to do with his fashion 
sense.  He strides on stage majestically with thunder and lightning.  
No need for artificial pyrotechnics here, folks.  Jim is sporting a 
loin-cloth -- this time it's the real deal, and it looks rather 
dapper on him -- perfect for daytime or evening.  The real clincher 
for his ensemble is the custom-made belt and matching ring ensemble.  
Jim appears a little uncomfortable at first, but takes the ring from 
his belt, and shouts "Olympia" and things begin to rock.
    Next is a surprise.  Roderick Affleck is nice.  His flowing mane 
is rather awe-inspiring.  But drag is always awe-inspiring.  He is 
wearing a hot green "dress."  Rod insists that it was the style of 
the times, but I don't know about that one.  Silly Brendan has tagged 
an "I'm Helena!" sign on Rod's back.  Whatta prankster.
    The music is secondary to the stage antics, though it is 
wonderful -- the perfect sound for the god on the go.
    I saw them in a previous incarnation, Piebald.  You won't want to 
hear about their attire of that evening; all I can say is I feel bad 
for Brendan as the horse's behind.  
    I like Hercules.  They're nice -- not to mention sharp dressers.
listen to them asap svp, ok?