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Elevator to Hell, Eric's Trip, Neil Young

Word from the horses mouth:

There will not be a new Eric's Trip 7".  The band is completely broken up 
and pursuing there own projects.  The individual members of Eric's Trip 
were asked to do a compilation 7" featuring one song from each of the 
members bands; Elevator to Hell, Purple Knight, Broken Girl, and 
Moonsocket.  No reunion.

Neil Young:  The people with Rick and Tara were not Rick's parents, but 
Tara's mom and a friend. They met Neil after the show.

Elevator to Hell:   will tour western canada, and maybe parts of U.S. 
west coast next year.  A full length that will come out on Sub Pop next 
year.  In addition there will be a cassette full length on 
astronavigation around the first of the year.