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Well, I went to see Neil Young in St. John, New Brunswick, Monday, 
November 4 (great show by the way...the opening bands, Moist and Pete 
Droge were just children compared to the great Neil Young and Crazy 
Horse).  Anyway, it's after the first encore, and the crowd 
is calling for a second, and I look to my left, and who should I see 
but RICK AND TARA WHITE, with Rick's parents if I'm not mistaken.  I 
wasn't too much of a fanboy, I just shook their hands, then hurried 
back to grooving to the now beginning second encore of Neil...

Hoping for a bootleg at Backstreet Records...

Oh, and I asked at Room 201 about bootlegs of Eric's Trip final show. 
Ray from Bad Luck #13 seemed to think, as I do, that the show was 
indeed taped (there were too many videorecorders running for there to 
have been no audio...), but nothing is being offered up for sale at 
the moment.  Perhaps holding out for a future release?  On Sappy 

Void is hard thing to forget.
Its emptiness burns too cleanly on your active brainstem.
Like the drowning man who suddenly realizes, 
that oxygen has a taste.