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Re: Re[2]: The Beach Boys and the Sloan boys

>>  (Sometimes I get posts in the wrong order, such as
>>getting replies to stuff before I even receive the original post,
>**hmm..this happens to me too.  it is a royal pain in the ass.  does anyone
>know how to fix this?

You can't. It happens because of the way the internet is set up -- every
message gets sent to whichever server(s) are available first, meaning that
each message you send likely takes a different route than the last. And
there's no telling what that route might be -- this message has to go from
Atlanta to Halifax (or wherever Sloannet is HQed), but it will probably be
split into many pieces, some of which might go via New York, some via
Seattle, some via Hong Kong, etc. until they finally get reassembled at
Sloannet. THEN it will be split up _again_ and sent out to the people on
the list.

As for the reason why it goes all over the place, think of it like a trip
in the car (except for the part about splitting into pieces) -- your friend
might choose the shortest route and get caught in traffic, while to take a
route that's twice as long but has no traffic. Who gets home first is
anybody's guess.

Sorry for the lecture...