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Re: Super Friends ???????!!!!

>>regarding band names? Do the SFZ have any claim in getting the imposters
>>to drop their names? i know this shouldn't bother me that much but it'd be
>>like some band calling themselvs Slown. y'know?

>There's gotta be something involved in registering your band name or
>something. Like you have to do with business logos and names. But these

Business logos and names are trademarked (and bands can do it, because they
are essentially a business), but SFZ might have trouble going this route
even if they want to because of the comic/cartoon Superfriends. I'm not a
lawyer (thank god), so I don't know how much difference spelling makes. I
do remember McDonald's going after the company that made Molly McButter,
saying their trademark was violated, but large companies protect their
trademarks vehemently or they lose them (which is why in-line skates
stopped being generically called Rollerblades).

Anyhow, in the US I think rights to band names have historically been
determined by which band is more established. Does anyone remember the band
Dig? They had an MTV hit a few years ago called "Believe". Well, there was
a band called Dig in Ann Arbor who had been around for years but were
forced to change names by the MTV Dig -- and I don't think those guys had
been around very long (tho I could be wrong). The Ann Arbor Dig seized this
opportunity to change their stupid name (pile on the sarcasm) and became
Top Kat...

I hope this wasn't more than you were looking for. :-)   Oh, and if there's
someone out there who knows better than me, _please_ correct me!