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Guided by sloan/Tara S'appart/mars we love you

Greetings and salutations,

1) Sloan Influences/rip offs:
       this exchange between GbV's Bob Pollard and magnet magazine's 
Eric Miller in their april-may 96 issue (in which pollard goes on about 
being "blown rythm smoke", ciggarettes, Steppenwolfe covers and 
having his drunk ass forcibly removed from hia 20th anniversary high
 school re-union )  might be of use to the recent debate :

Pollard-(in refference to his songwritting)- "there's no genius 
involved, its just practice and listening.

MILER-" That was what struck me the first time I heard Guided by 
Voices. I could tell that you had listened to a lot of music and were just
spitting out the stuff you liked." 

POLLARD- "That's exactly right. That's what the name GbV has come to 
mean-the voices of rawk are in my head, guiding me to make music."

   Personally,I vote that The Stones have always been the band most often, ahem, 
refferenced, by sloan.

2) Tara S'appart "little" 7"
     This 7" ranks alongside anything else to have come along from 
stereo mountain noise mine. While the influence of producer Rick 
White is pretty much unmistakeable, Tara's first solo effort since her 94 
cassette bennefits from a shoegazing lushness absent from other 
moncton recordings. Playing all instruments but the drums, she has 
obviously come a long way since the "space so pretty" cassette, on 
which non vocal duties were pretty much split between her and Rick. 
The promise shown by the cassette's spot on yet unique pop 
sensibilities has come around, no doubt stemming from an 
apprenticeship in orange glass and the elevator. This, along with a 
maturing vocal ability put tara white the soloist in a dead heat with 
 tara white the bassist's band

3) Can I assume that Matt Kelly's playing with the inbreds puts Mars 
We Love You out of the picture once and for all? hope not.

4) re: state champs, do their bassists;
a)choke on vomit
b)spontaneosly cumbust
c)have bizzare gardening accidents ?

Degenerates, unite and take over!!
aaron petrie