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Re: Eric's Trip 7"

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Drink Pepsi wrote:

> Ok so I was at the record store today and found an Eric's Trip 7" that I
> don't recall seeing on any discography.  It's on metoo! records, and I
> don't know the year it was released.  It is a split with a band from
> Columbus, Ohio(I think) called Moviola.  The Eric's Trip songs are Pillow
> and (red).  If any one has any further info on the 7" please inform me
> for I know nothing about it.

You should be able to get the 7" through Derivative records. That 7" is 
the debut release for the label. I'm pretty sure it was released earlier 
this year and was probably one of the last recordings done by Eric's Trip.