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Re: Super Friends ???????!!!!

Riotgrrl wrote:

>hey kids,
>        so i'm browsing this record store in NYC just looking to see if
>maybe by SOME work of God I might find some rare canadian indie find and
>what do i come across? a band by the name of Super Friends! i'm pretty
>sure they were on TAG and it was a 1996 release. I felt soo friggin'
>pissed FOR the Super Friendz. Does anybody know the proticol (sp?)
>regarding band names? Do the SFZ have any claim in getting the imposters
>to drop their names? i know this shouldn't bother me that much but it'd be
>like some band calling themselvs Slown. y'know?
>        I can't believe i'm even dwelling on this fact. I must sound so
>pathetic. ;)

There's gotta be something involved in registering your band name or
something. Like you have to do with business logos and names. But these
Super Friends may be too small for our ec Super Friendz to notice. I doubt
they're honing in on their market (possibly confusing tho). It's like
calling your band Nervana (sorry guys, just for example's sake). They may
not have a suit against them but it's definately a musical faux pas.
Another question is... who had the name first?


"And touching the scar on your back like a relief map" - Superfriendz