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Len and East COast hip hop show/a solution??? probably not..

For those who haven't heard, Len (kinda ec) will be having a cd release for
the album "get yr legs broke" on Nov.9th at The Rivoli. Playing w/ them will
be Radioblaster and Allsorts. That is an afternoon show, 2:30. On the same
night, 9:00, there will be an East Coast hip hop show featuring Nathan The
Alien, Hip CLub Groove and Sebutones (featuring Sixtoo and Stinking Rich) 


Below is a little something for the people who wanna talk about Canadian
indie bands, but can't here on SloanNet. If you decide to flame me for this,
go ahead, but I thought it might help solve a bit of the non-ec content that
seems to go through here.


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