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> >does anyone know what these guys are up to lately?

> - lineup change...  once again the champs have a new bass player.
>   pete johnston (a jazz sax player, believe it or not) is the newest
>   champ.  the new lineup has yet to play in public in halifax.
>   they did a show in truro that i (and the rest of the world except
>   brendan and the rome plows) missed.

Actually, bass player #4 Yan Raymond played at that show, for the record. 
Was quite an interesting event, more fun than what should be allowed.
Andy gets his cast, "the Club", removed on Wednesday and he may be in 
action very soon, so it looks like they will be in lineup #5 or maybe #6 
depending what you constitute a lineup change.

>   this new song called "lazy instruments" plays in my head *all the
>   time* and i can't stop it -- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!  ok.  i'll be fine.

Ahh yes, quite a rocker, but there are newer songs that are sure to be