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hello hello :)

re: jale
i was wondering if someone knows the title of a new song they played on 
tour.  It had Mike on vocals and guitar, Jenny on drums and harmonies, and 
Laura on bass and singing oohs.  It's a really pretty ditty, and i remember 
that in the chorus there's a line that goes "i can't buy you diamonds or 
pearls", and the last verse began with "can we pick up, where we left 
off (ooo-ooooh)".  i love that song :) :) :)  

re: inbreds
could someone provide me with a bit of info on Matt Kelly?  Previous 
groups he was in and such.

re: super friendz
..played a really short set on RealTime!  Not to mention that REal Time 
said "ya, we'll call you back to get you on air", and they never did.. 
grr.. oh well.  At least my name was mentioned on air ;) ("i'd like to 
say hi to carol in Ottawa")  heehee :)

actually, i wanted to know if someone out there has a copy of the Real 
Time Super Friendz/Al Tuck thing from last November.  My copy is really 
crappy, and i was supposed to get it re-taped, but the person who i sent 
the tape to last year ripped me off by not returning the tape.  grr..  
Anyhow, please e-mail me privately, and maybe we could work out a trade 
or something.

out to hunt down Skunk's bass robber..

			...sizzle teen

carol nishitoba  :)               !  "Carol?  OH! Sushi, Drew - yeah I know 
ccnishit\!/cousteau.uwaterloo.ca    !    Carol" -- Mike O'Neill