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Re: oops! more SFZ news

MON!!! I'm not liking this news.....pardon my French..but I would BEAT 
the FUCKER WHO STOLE that bass to a living pulp!  The superfriendz have 
been my favourite band for sooo long....to top my weekend off, I play 
drums in the band Rec Room...we played Scotland Yard Saturday night with 
Haggis (WICKED SHOW)...well to get to the point...my MORONIC sister 
forgot YES FORGOT to tape the superfriendz gig on CBC...I couldn't listen 
to it because we went on to play the EXACT SAME TIME that the 
Superfriendz did in Vancouver.  I then hop in my friendz (no pun 
intended) car to bust up some tunes on CBC 102.7 here in Halifax....all I 
hear is "Thank you...good night.." the end of the show...the 
Doughboys..whom I dislike very much..like frig!!!!
	So here is my request...I am such a big fan of the SF...if anyone 
has a GOOD recording of this show...could I run over to yer house & dub 
it???? I live in Dartmouth, NS...THANK YOU soo much to whomever makes my 
request come true :>

	Victor Canales
	(902) 461-2332

On Sat, 2 Nov 1996, kelly r. wrote:

>    sorry about 2 posts in one day but i forgot
>  to add a couple very important points in my 
>  other post:
>  1) last night while superfriendz were at dinner,
>    someone stole charles' bass. they had left all
>    their gear in the club which was open at the time
>    because the bar was open. when he came back it was
>    gone. he says he's trying not to think about it.
>    charles says it was too heavy anyway and maybe whoever
>   stole it was doing him a favor but he really liked
>    that bass. you could hear the hurt in his voice.
>    so keep your ears and eyes open for his bass around
>    ontario. maybe you'll hear someone bragging and you
>    can kick the crap out if them and be a big hero.
>   that's just such a crummy thing to happen to such a nice
>    guy.
>   2) superfriendz new album will be out in january. it
>    was originally going to be out in october but...
>  3)listen to superfriendz tonight on CBC radio!! 7pm
>    on the west coast, 10 pm in ontario...
> kel