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Re: state champs...

>does anyone know what these guys are up to lately?

uh, no.  :-)  but i can give it my best shot.  :-)

- lineup change...  once again the champs have a new bass player.
  pete johnston (a jazz sax player, believe it or not) is the newest
  champ.  the new lineup has yet to play in public in halifax.
  they did a show in truro that i (and the rest of the world except
  brendan and the rome plows) missed.

- split 7" with the motes...  hundreds of copies of this sucker
  are sitting at Daydream World Headquarters waiting for sleeves.
  expect it to be available within a week or two.  the champs song
  is from two bass players ago.  :-)  it doesn't really sound much
  like what they're up to these days, but on the other hand, it's
  a great song ("you'll love the epcot palms") that deserves to
  be heard.  somehow i doubt that you'll ever hear it live though.
  (by the way, the motes side is amazing too -- probably the best
   songs they've ever recorded, and that's saying a lot).

- i heard that they were going to record with hermit guy rob benvie.
  haven't heard whether that happened yet.  i'm pretty much going
  crazy waiting to hear a recorded version of their new stuff...
  this new song called "lazy instruments" plays in my head *all the
  time* and i can't stop it -- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!  ok.  i'll be fine.

james :-)

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