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Re: The Beach Boys and the Sloan boys

>To me, dissecting a song leads to finding who Sloan's true 
>_subliminal_ influences are. Sure, we can all say, "Oh, I was

I agree with you to a certain extent, but I think it's also very easy to
get the wrong impression about a band's influences if you dissect a song
too much. You might, for example, hear Jimi Hendrix in a song that was
_actually_ influenced by Buddy Guy -- who was a major influence on Hendrix,
but works within a completely different genre and attracts a totally
different set of fans. This might lead you to entirely different
conclusions about a band or song.

>composer was listening to or was tuned to at the time. I know, for 
>every song I wrote, I can see what I was listening to at the moment.

But can anyone else see what you were listening to when you wrote the song?
This is something that could be highly personal, where your brain shapes
the songs you write in some mold recognizable only to you -- like when
someone sees a face in a cloud, but someone else sees a Volkswagen.

>To see how other composers think/work is fun for me. Okay, it may not 
>be fun for everyone here, but you gotta admit, Sloan didn't get to be 
>such geniuses by locking themselves in some cave and starting over 
>afresh, without listening to any other band. Hey, John Lennon would

Agreed, but again, for a given song you might see a face while I see a

This is what makes the discussion fun and interesting, but I'm sure you get
frustrated when you hear the Beach Boys and some jerk tells you the
influence isn't there, just as I do when you say you hear the Beach Boys
and I can't hear it!  :-)

I wanna be right, dammit...!  :-p