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Re[2]: The Beach Boys and the Sloan boys

"OK this is becoming tiresome.  Ours is not to dissassemble every single 
influence of Sloan down to which particular song of which particular group 
is being ripped off."

Ok, maybe I missed something, because I didn't know we were discussing who 
Sloan ripps off.  (Sometimes I get posts in the wrong order, such as 
getting replies to stuff before I even receive the original post, so that 
may be the case here.  That'll be my disclaimer.)  I thought people were 
talking about bands Sloan sounds like and perhaps some of Sloan's 
influences.  There was finally a thread I was ENJOYING and KNEW something 
about and already people are complaining.

I like hearing others' opinions of the band/their material...if Sloan sounds 
like CCR or the Waitresses or George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars...at least

My sanity's walking away,