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oops! more SFZ news

   sorry about 2 posts in one day but i forgot
 to add a couple very important points in my 
 other post:

 1) last night while superfriendz were at dinner,
   someone stole charles' bass. they had left all
   their gear in the club which was open at the time
   because the bar was open. when he came back it was
   gone. he says he's trying not to think about it.
   charles says it was too heavy anyway and maybe whoever
  stole it was doing him a favor but he really liked
   that bass. you could hear the hurt in his voice.
   so keep your ears and eyes open for his bass around
   ontario. maybe you'll hear someone bragging and you
   can kick the crap out if them and be a big hero.
  that's just such a crummy thing to happen to such a nice

  2) superfriendz new album will be out in january. it
   was originally going to be out in october but...

 3)listen to superfriendz tonight on CBC radio!! 7pm
   on the west coast, 10 pm in ontario...