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Rick White

The other day you wrote:

>> Rick is currently doing up the artwork for the Eric's Trip compilation.  It
>> does look like Sub Pop will have nothing to do with it.

>I thought the whole reason that eric's trip was putting out a
>compilation album was because they had a four record deal with sub
>pop. I can't see a band being keen to rerelease material that they
>already released years ago. Can anyone clear up this sob pop slop?

Well, from what I've heard the compilation has nothing to do with sub pop
or their contract.  I was told (by Julie) that Eric's Trip broke up, and
then Rick oddly wanted to put out a compilation.  Julie said she found it
really weird that Rick didn't want to continue with ET but then had this
desire to reminisce (sic) and make a compilation.  That's what I heard.

Kevin Scofield
Victoria Sappy Guy